26 September 16

I just finished watching the first presidential debate, as I sure most of you did. The overall impression I’m left with is that neither of these fools is capable of doing the job. There are numerous memes throughout the internet which question how we managed to get these two candidates.

Donald Trump is incapable of actually answering a question, all of his questions are hyperbole which spiral out of control and drop down into a strange alternate reality that only he inhabits. He is unwilling/incapable of remember the things the he himself has said in the past. He contradicts himself constantly, it’s almost as if he can’t remember or he feels that the past doesn’t matter. What you’ve said in the past does matter, your history is completely relevant.

Hillary Clinton and Donald both agree on a few key points. Most notably that people on the No Fly list shouldn’t be able to buy a firearm. The American Civil Liberties Union has been fighting a fight against the Federal government for over 5 years because the whole thing is incredibly unconstitutional. The fact that both candidates are onboard for this and the fact that the NRA is onboard for this is despicable. Our Constitution matters, our Bill of Rights matters, having a high degree of freedom comes with inherent risk. You can not have high levels of freedom of thought, expression, and ability without risk. That is the trade-off. Which segues neatly Donald supporting the concept of Stop and Frisk. This practice has been found to be unconstitutional and the fact that he brought it up shows a complete lack of respect for the rule of law.

Lets address the fact that most of the countries in NATO are not meeting their military spending obligations. Why does this matter? Well there are a couple of trains of thought on this, but lets all recognize that money is fungible. That means because country A isn’t spending 2% of their GDP on their military that frees them up to spend that 2% on social programs within their countries that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. It also puts a greater burden/expectation upon the US to act in police actions and to increase our spending to make up for the lack of spending of our allies. This is in no way to say that our current military spending habits are acceptable, they are not and they are unsustainable in the long-term.

There were no real winners tonight, we had two bad candidates who both feel that there are certain times in which we can just disregard the Constitution when they feel it’s acceptable.  We had both candidates who tried to backtrack on things they are on record as having said previously. Both of these people have baggage which is staggering and if were found in a regular person would bar them from a security clearance. I think that as a country we are quickly reaching a point where we have to decide if we want to keep running into the same “vote for the lesser of two evils” or if we really want to change the system? If we want to change the system we can’t keep voting for these same two parties.

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