Gary please – An open letter to Gary Johnson

Gary, I’m voting for you, you have my vote, I’ve even donated money to your campaign. It’s not me you have to convince. It’s everyone else, and it’s not just you trying to convince them, it’s me trying to convince them. So would you please do me a favor? Stop making my job harder.

The Aleppo gaffe I could completely see past and get through. It was early in the morning, the question seemed a little bit of an ambush. You owned up to it, said it shouldn’t have happened and then proceeded to provide a good answer to the topic. These are the types of things that happen when you are running a schedule like you are and you are expected to always be on your game.

But then on September 23rd during an interview with Kasie Hunt you stuck your tongue out at her. I get the point you were trying to make, you were poking fun at the R and D candidates and showing that you could behave in a bizarre and silly manner and still do better than them. Don’t ever do that again. As the Libertarian candidate you have enough problems with getting people to take you seriously. The amount of misinformation that is being tossed around the web about you and your stances on various issues is hard enough for people to overcome. Do not give people any more reason to doubt you. You have to come across as a super serious, super realistic, super valid candidate. You do not accomplish that mission by sticking your tongue out and talking with your tongue sticking out. Help us help you,  don’t do that again.

Then again on Hardball with Chris Matthews you failed to name a foreign leader that you admired. You claimed you were having “an Aleppo moment”. Now again there a few plausible explanations for this. Your choice of leaders to look up to is slim because the rest of the world is primarily socialists and dictators. You had a brain fart/freeze/whatever. Maybe you were a little taken by back how Chris was asking questions, he came off pretty dickish. If you were struggling to name a leader because there are so few who line up with your ideals then you should have said so. Just lay it out and be honest. However never ever mention Aleppo again in any context outside of laying out your policy for dealing with Syria. Drawing attention to a prior gaffe you should have moved on from only highlights negative things about you.

The mainstream candidates are starting to notice you, this means you will come under further scrutiny, more attacks will come your away and your policy statements made since the beginning of time will be examined. You are already being painted as anti-science, anti-intelligent by people because of your comment about the Sun swallowing the Earth in a few billion years. So moving forward, please do everything in your power to come off as an incredibly serious person and candidate. No jokes, no poking fun, no goofing off in interviews. You are running for President of the United States, time to step up your game.


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